Indicator 4.1

4.1 Develops culturally responsive curriculum and instruction in response to differences in individual experiences; cultural, ethnic, gender, and linguistic diversity; and socioeconomic status


eLearning for Educators-Alabama

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Differentiating Instruction to Accommodate Learning Styles


21st Century Tools: Wikis, Blogs, Podcasts, and Skype


Teaching Your First English Language Learners


Special Students in Regular Classrooms: Technology, Teaching and Universal Design for Admin


Physical Science for 6-8


Other Resources

Technology in Motion

(free on-site job-embedded professional development for teachers to promote the use of technology in teaching and learning provided at your school by your local TiM specialist)

ATIM002     Technology Integration Resources (AVL, ALEX, Thinkfinity, Intel, APT Plus)

ATIM004     Project-based Learning (Podcasting, Digital Storytelling, Multimedia Projects)


Cultural, Ethnic and Social Diversity