Indicator 2.5

2.5 Engages learners in developing and monitoring goals for their own learning and behavior


eLearning for Educators-Alabama

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Differentiating Instruction to Accommodate Learning Styles


Using Digital Portfolios to Foster Student Learning


Using Google Docs in a Classroom


Teaching Writing in the Elementary School Classroom - Good Writing to Tell a Story or to Inform


Best Practices for Vocabulary Instruction in the Middle School Classroom


Teaching Writing in the Middle School Classroom


World War II The Movies and History


The Cold War: Media as a primary resource in teaching American history


Using the WWW: The Growth of Domestic Terrorism in the United States


Kids, Content, and Comprehension: Literacy and Learning in Grades 4-12


Developing Reading Power through Comprehension


Life Science 6-8: Find the "WOW" Factor


Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Science Inquiry for 6-8


Earth Science 3-5: A Touch of Reality: Using Web-Based Interactive Simulations


Other Resources

Technology in Motion

(free on-site job-embedded professional development for teachers to promote the use of technology in teaching and learning provided at your school by your local TiM specialist)

ATIM003 Emerging Technologies (Web 2.0 Skills, Wikis, Blogs, Virtual Worlds, Data Collection)

ATIM004 Project-based Learning (Podcasting, Digital Storytelling, Multimedia Projects)

ATIM006 Assessments (Intel, Google Forms, Rubrics, SRS, Formative and Summative)


Student Learning Goals Module

Providing Instructional Support: Facilitating Mastery of New Skills

CSR: A Reading Comprehension Strategy

Universal Design for Learning: Creating a Learning Environment that Challenges and Engages All Students

RTI: Mathematics

Who's In Charge? Developing a Comprehensive Behavior Management System

You're in Charge! Developing Your Own Comprehensive Behavior Management System

PALS: A Learning Strategy for High School