This course, developed for practicing professional school counselors and pre-service school counselors, includes four sessions: understanding the national workforce landscape and 21st Century careers; cultural competency and equity; understanding, communicating, and advocating for the role of the school counselor in college and career planning; and creating a school-wide college-going culture. These sessions are designed for school counselors to develop an understanding of their role in developing a college-going mission for all students, particularly students in poverty or facing other barriers in postsecondary planning. Additionally the sessions help counselors develop approaches for communicating and working with high-poverty students and diverse populations to remove barriers to high aspirations and achievement.

Note: The term "college" is used throughout this course to refer to any postsecondary education or training. "College"refers to a Pell-eligible educational institution beyond the high school level, including those that offer apprenticeship programs, certificates, and associate and/or bachelor degree programs.