Improving student learning and achievement can be accomplished most effectively through the use of data analysis to understand student learning needs and to make instructional decisions. This workshop is designed to help participants gain knowledge and skill in using data to improve student learning and ultimately student achievement on state assessments. Through this course, teachers will learn the importance of using data to plan appropriate instructional experiences for their students and to identify and analyze the measures of data to understand student learning needs. Participants are guided to develop the practice of gathering and analyzing data in a systematic and continuous manner. As part of this workshop, participants will review data-driven decision-making theory regarding multiple measures of data and they will analyze intersections of the data to answer questions about student achievement and how to improve student learning. Participants will learn to use tools to gather and analyze formative data to identify trends and gaps in learning. As a final product in this workshop participants will create an action plan to guide instructional change in their own classrooms and to lead to the improvement of student learning and achievement.