A day in the life of a school administrator can be one filled with many time-consuming and isolating tasks. In an age of information abundance, we all have the ability to access, organize and synthesize information in order to solve tough issues. In this workshop, participants will learn how to develop a Personal Learning Network by taking advantage of web-based tools that can help them address the challenges they face on a regular basis. Personal Learning Networks can connect administrators with other school leaders to find solutions to administrative issues, learn about new technology and how to use it effectively, and find links to relevant education news. After exploring exemplary school leaders who currently use these Web 2.0 tools to enhance their lives, participants will learn how tools such as blogs, microblogs, podcasts, RSS feeds, and even their mobile phones can help them to grow their Personal Learning Networks. Participants will then practice all of these tools—Google Reader, Twitter, Blogger, and podcasting—first hand. Participants will learn how to manage and organize information gathered from their learning networks, and also how these tools can be used to disseminate important school news or to reflect on professional challenges and successes. As a final project, participants will post their action steps for how they will apply what they learned about Personal Learning Networks with their teachers and school community on their blogs.