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eLearning Alabama uses a Web-based model to provide effective professional development that leads to gains in teacher's content knowledge, improvements in their teaching practices and increases in the achievement of their students.

The program is implemented through the Alabama Department of Education Technology in Motion .

eLearning Alabama is an excellent way to move forward on your own professional development responsive to your schedule and needs.

  • No classes to attend!
  • No substitutes to find!
  • No travel funds to expend!

For more information or to become involved in eLearning Alabama, click the links below or contact eLearning .

For our current schedule of courses, click this link to our Course Listings.

For a list of courses that can earn PLUs, click this link to our PLU Courses.

For a list of courses that correspond to the 39 Standards and Indicators of the Teacher's Continuum, click this link to the Continuum Matrix.

For a list of courses that correspond to the Computer Science Course of Study Recurring Standards, click this link to the CS COS Matrix.

For tips on succeeding in eLearning courses and step-by-step instructions on registering, click this link to PowerSchool Registration Instructions.

For online tutorials, click this link for the eLearning Tutorial. 

If you are looking for a specific topics, you can search the STIPD entry for each of our courses. It is similar to a Google search engine with sponsored links at the top.

Tom Dreilinger, State Project Director eFE, tdreilin@troy.edu, 334-670-1884
Nikkesha Hooks, Ed. Administrator  ATiM/eFE, nhooks@alsde.edu, 334-694-4641

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